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Nikki Parker is a fictional character of the TV series, The Parkers. She has played the role of Kimberly Anne 'Kim' Parker's mother and roommates on the TV show. She is played by comedian and actress, Monique in her first appearance on Moesha and in the first episode The Parkers.


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Nikki Parker appears as an overweight woman in her mid-30's, attending Santa Monica College. Throughout the seasons, she has been seen wearing a somewhat formal attire and had black extensions in her hair.


Nicole Parker is the adoptive child of George West and Shirley West and was in a relationship with her ex-husband Mel Parker, however, she became pregnant at a young age with Kim and quitted school to raise her daughter. This has caused Nikki to miss out a lot because she had to raise Kim in the process. By the time she entered in her mid-30's, Nikki decided that she was going to improve in her life by going back to college. However, she was going to go back in the same year that Kim was entering college.

At first, Kim was not happy nor excited of her mother going to school with her but soon learned to accept the chances of her mother going because she wanted to get back the education she never had when she was pregnant.

Throughout the ShowEdit

Nikki made her debut appearance in Moesha, where she was going to the college fair with her daughter Kim to apply. There she meets Professor Stanley Oglevee and falls head-over-heels for him.

She then reappears in The Parkers as the main protagonist along with her daughter Kim. Nikki is now a college student, hoping to get her education back. She is mainly seen chasing after the Professor, coming up with many things to get beside him. However, all of her attempts usually angered the Professor to point where he started calling her a 'psycho' or a 'nutcase'. Despite the harsh attitudes he has towards Nikki, her mind has implanted into her that the Professor is madly in love and she has gone to say that they're a married couple, much to her friends confusion and fears.

She has been relatively known for her slang 'Heeyyy' or 'Heeyyy Professor' which she does to call out Professor Oglevee. She is also known for being an overweight woman who shows pride in her appearance. However, her weight has proved at times to be a problem, one example was when she was dancing, the Professor felt the earth tremble and had the conclusion it was an earthquake. However, it was only Nikki dancing.

In the first season, she is trying to get by on making money. She was first going under the alter-ego, Madame Nubian, telling people their fortunes, along with Kim. The girls were able to make money to pay for their own stuff but after their neighbor was misguided by a fortune they told her, causing her to live out on the streets, the two gave up so nobody else would be in harm.

Nikki then decides to sell Lady Nubian to raise money but the products proved to be worser than Madame Nubian, resulting in bad things happening to her customers. Andell was also a victim as Nikki once told her "Your eyebrows grew back, didn't they?" signalizing that the products burned off Andell's eyebrows. Also, a seller in one episode, had a facial mask of the product and it froze on her face. However, the product proved to be good after Kim baked them into cookies and they were delicious.

Nikki was also known for her superior strength in the episodes, example being when she threw T into the ceiling and Stevie caught him when he descended. She also has strength over other women who come against her and the Professor and she has always proved to be stronger than the women who were with him. However, the only women who proved strength over her was Rachel, an experienced boxer who nearly beated Nikki in a boxing match and Paris, a woman who plotted to kill the Professor for money and broke a table in half with a single palm strike.

In the first season, Nikki tried out for a sorority along with her daughter Kim, but after being mistreated constantly by Big Sister (Regine) who mocked Nikki for her weight, her age, and the fact that she's in college, she scolded out Regine because of these comments and told her she's no better. She was even angry when Kim still wanted to be in the sorority but learned to accept her daughter's decision after a talk with Desiree. 

It is revealed in "Daddy's Girl" that Nikki was once involved in a marital relationship with her ex-husband Mel Parker and he's the father of Kim. However, the two seem to not be in such good terms with each other, prior to Mel and Nikki breaking up. She even showed anger when Mel threatened to take back Kim because he wanted to be in her life and Nikki responded that he wasn't there when she was a baby. At the end of the episode, the two make up for Kim.

Nikki then befriends Kim's friends T and Stevie and both her friends find Nikki a cool person but somewhat crazy. 

In the first season also, Nikki and Kim have problems trying to get along. One of the beings of that was in "Daddy's Girl" where Kim and Stevie go to jail after having a party with unlicensed liquor. Another time was in "Quarantined" where Nikki and Kim come back early from a trip to Mexico and the two sharing sides of a story of how they both got kicked out. It gets worse when in the episode "Moving On Out" where Kim moves out of Nikki's house and does not invite her to her house-warming, angering Nikki. She and Sharon, Stevie's mother, come to the warming, drunk, and cause problems. 

Things get worser as Kim gets married to Jerel and moves to Paris but this shows Nikki trying to escape Kim from a mistake she made in the past only because she loved her but Kim was determined that she loved him until Jerel's mother comes, telling them that he's 17 and Kim stays home.

Once again, Nikki is following Oglevee once more to get him to be hers. However, every response comes out "Stay away you psycho". However, there have been times in the episodes that Oglevee appreciates what Nikki is doing for him, example being in "Taking Tae-Bo with My Beau" when she accidentally injures him and takes care of him and the two have a fun time together. 



Nikki has a great relationship with her daughter Kim, although the two don't get along at certain times. There have been times where the two works as a team to help themselves or others or Kim just simply gets involved with Nikki trying to get the Professor. Nikki has shown care for her daughter whenever she falls in love with someone, example being Jerel when Kim goes to Las Vegas to marry him and Nikki and Oglevee go to Las Vegas to stop her from making the mistake that she made years ago.

Kim has also shown love and respect for Nikki on certain bases of levels. Despite being dim-witted, Kim has been smart enough to help her mother and follow on the things she tells her.

Professor OgleveeEdit

The relationship Nikki has with Professor Oglevee is... imaginary. She claims to be his fiancee or wife, despite that some people have figured out the truth of this. However, some people come to believe that the two are married but the professor is in denial. Throughout the episodes, Nikki constantly pursues him and whenever he's with another woman, she acts like the two are married or beats them down if they get too close.

Nikki has shown to be protective of Oglevee, especially when he meets Paris and she plots to kill him. She sneaks onto their boat and tries to rescue him. 

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